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NEW DELHI: Yuvraj Singh, the World Cup-winning hero, hinted at a potential mentorship role to help mentally prepare the Indian cricket team for future challenges. The Indian team has faced numerous near misses in their quest for an ICC trophy, including a defeat in the 2023 World Cup final against Australia.
Having played a crucial role in India’s previous World Cup triumph in 2011 and contributing significantly to their success in the Champions Trophy under MS Dhoni in 2013, Yuvraj possesses valuable experience.

His suggestion of taking on a mentorship role could involve sharing insights, providing guidance, and offering mental preparation strategies to the current generation of players as they aim to secure future ICC trophies.

“I feel that we have played a lot of finals but not won one. I was part of one of the finals when we lost to Pakistan in 2017,” the 42-year-old said while inaugurating ‘Yuvraj Centres of Excellence’ at Merlin Rise in Kolkata.
“In the coming years, we definitely need to work on, as a country and as an Indian team, performing better under pressure.
“Australia have won six World Cups, and we have (won) two. How we win major championships is something we need to work on,” added Yuvraj.
India’s recent performances in international cricket tournaments have seen some near misses and disappointments. In the World Test Championship, India lost in the finals consecutively in 2021 and 2023. Additionally, in the ODI World Cups, India exited at the semifinal stage in 2015 and 2019.
In T20 World Cups, India initially secured the championship in 2007 but faced setbacks in subsequent editions. The team reached the final in 2014 but couldn’t secure the title. Furthermore, India faced semifinal exits in the 2016 and 2022 T20 World Cups.
Expressing concern, he said, “I feel, yes, there is something (missing). When the big moment comes, our physical preparation is there, but mentally we need to make those decisions.
“I think that is something I was talking about — motivating the young guys, teaching them how to handle pressure and play their game. That’s been our challenge. We have the game, and we have guys who can bat under pressure, but the whole team has to do that, not just one or two guys.
“Mentoring is something I love to do. In the coming years, when my kids are settled, I want to give back to cricket and help the young guys get better. I think we face a lot of mental challenges in big tournaments. I believe in the mental aspect, I can really come in and work with these guys in the future.
“I feel that I can contribute a lot, especially in the middle order. I have the confidence to work with the young guys, addressing not only their technique but also the mental challenges that come with cricket.”
IPL route’
The stylish former India all-rounder indicated he would like to be a mentor of an IPL side.
“Let’s see what opportunities I get, but my priority is my kids right now. Once they start school, I will have more time. so I can pick up (coaching). I love working with the young guys, especially my state boys, and I feel that mentoring is something that I would love to do, and definitely to be part of one of the IPL teams, I’m definitely looking at.
“I asked Mr Ashish Nehra (Gujarat Titans) for a job, but he declined it. So, let’s see where else I can get a position, but at the moment, I have to balance.”
“So, definitely in the coming years, I want to give back to cricket and help the young guys get better. I can contribute a lot.”
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