The New Lotteries Act of Finland

The New Lotteries Act of Finland

Finland gambling

Finland has a legal framework that regulates gambling, but it does not cover all of the activities that are permitted. The regulator is limited to the Veikkaus Oy, a monopoly company. But a new law will allow it to intervene in offshore companies. Currently, about one-third of Finland’s gambling is played by companies other than Veikkaus. Half of it is played on digital channels, and Veikkaus has less than a quarter of the market in some product groups. In addition, the limits on gambling do not extend to offshore companies, and there is no way to monitor individual gambling.

Veikkaus Oy

Veikkaus Oy, Finland’s gambling regulator, wants to limit the number of slot machines in grocery stores. The company has introduced a blocking option for slot machines, which customers can activate online or by contacting customer support. The regulator’s goal is to prevent the spread of gambling addiction.

In recent years, Veikkaus Oy has taken steps to reduce the amount of gambling in the country. This includes increasing the total loss limit and introducing gambling disadvantages. This has made it more difficult for people to gamble in Finland and has resulted in more people moving to foreign gambling sites. These foreign gambling sites do not casino online suomi have the same strict regulations as Veikkaus Oy.

Lotteries Act

The new Lotteries Act of Finland aims to protect the monopoly that exists in Finland while also reducing harm caused by gambling. While previously, the main goal of gambling was to maximize state revenue, the new law places a much higher emphasis on responsible gaming. While the new act is an important step in the right direction, it may not go far enough to protect the public from the harm caused by gambling.

The act outlines the responsibilities of lottery operators. It also defines lottery activities as those that require the participation of a consumer. Lotteries involving a marketing component are subject to regulation under the Consumer Protection Act, which states that these activities must not be contrary to good practice and may not involve improper procedures against consumers. For example, Finnish case law has ruled that marketing health care products in a lottery is against good practice and that the use of alcohol or weapons as lottery prizes constitutes an infringement of the law.


Gambling is legal in Finland and there are several regulations regarding gaming operations. These include the Act on Financing Education and Culture (1705/2009), the Act on Discretionary Government Transfers (661/2001) and the Act on Virtual Currency Providers (572/2019). However, these regulations do not cover all aspects of the gambling industry in Finland. Licensed operators have exclusive rights to operate gambling operations in Finland, and they must adhere to these regulations.

A violation of this law could result in administrative penalties. The National Police Board is also authorized to intervene when social media influencers post content related to gambling.

Online casinos

There are plenty of benefits to playing at online casinos in Finland, but there are some things you should know before you choose a site. For example, it’s important to check out the payment methods. Most of them are fast and secure, so you can be sure you’ll have no problem depositing and withdrawing money.

Gambling online is entirely legal in Finland. Both state-run and international gambling sites are available to players. The legal framework in Finland is very complicated, however. The only operators that are legally allowed to provide their services are the state-owned ones. However, the country is currently involved in a legal battle with the European Union over the monopolization of gambling in this country.

Illegal gambling

In order to prevent gambling operators from operating in Finland, legislation has been put into place. The National Police Board, for example, has the power to take measures against companies found guilty of violating the Finnish Lotteries Act. It may also act when social media influencers post content promoting gambling. In the future, the NPB could also create its own blacklist of gambling companies.

The laws that govern gambling services are only applicable within Finland. They cannot apply to other countries in the European Union, but they can restrict the activities of gambling companies that violate the Finnish laws. The National Police Board will maintain a list of companies that violate the law. Furthermore, the act will require payment service providers and banks to block the services of these companies.

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