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NEW DELHI: Mexico has officially withdrawn its bid to host the 2036 Olympic Games, citing intense competition as the primary reason. The decision was announced by the president of the National Olympic Committee (COM), Maria Jose Alcala, during a sponsors’ event on Tuesday. Mexico had initially expressed its intention to host the prestigious event in October 2022.
Former Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, alongside the COM, had unveiled Mexico’s ambition to host the 2036 Olympics, marking the country’s return to the Summer Games after successfully hosting in 1968.However, acknowledging the formidable competition from other nations, including South Korea, India, Egypt, and Qatar, Alcala revealed that Mexico would now shift its focus to bid for the Youth Olympic Games, where they believe they stand a better chance.
“We had a talk with the International Olympic Committee, and we saw that the competition is very tough. We are turning around to see if we can have the bid for the Youth Olympic Games, which is where we would have a great chance,” stated Alcala.

She further mentioned ongoing discussions with the IOC regarding the bid for the Youth Olympic Games, emphasizing the potential opportunity for Mexico to shine on the global stage in a different capacity.
In addition to considering the Youth Olympics, Alcala disclosed that there is a possibility of Mexico bidding for the 2027 Pan American Games. This comes after the northern state of Nuevo Leon expressed interest in hosting the event, following the recent withdrawal of hosting rights from the Colombian city of Barranquilla.
“There is an approach from Nuevo Leon; they are the only ones who have approached us. That is still under discussion,” added Alcala.
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