Maria Burton Carson Biography, Age, Early Life, Career, And Net Worth

Maria Burton Carson Biography, Age, And Early Life

In this article, we will let you know about Maria Burton Carson, Maria Burton Carson’s age, Maria Burton Carson’s early life, Maria Burton Carson’s net worth, and Maria Burton Carson’s career.

Maria Burton Carson is the adopted daughter of the late actress and glamour queen Elizabeth Taylor and her fifth husband, the actor Richard Burton. Before their 1964 divorce, she was adopted at the age of three. Maria is now an activist and a fashion designer.

Maria Burton Carson Age:

She is 66 years old.

Full NameMaria Burton Carson
Date of birth1st august 1961
ProfessionCelebrity Daughter
Zodiac SignLeo

Maria Burton Carson Early Life:

Maria Burton Carson’s date of birth is 1st August  1961, and she was born in Germany. Leo is the name of her zodiac sign, and she is sixty years old. In Munich, where she was born, Maria was adopted by her mother, Elizabeth Taylor, and her father, Richard Burton, when she was three. Elizabeth just tied the knot for the sixth time with Richard. The identities of Maria’s parents, if they ever existed, remain a mystery.

Additionally, she is one of a total of seven siblings. Her siblings’ names are Liza Todd, Kate Burton, Jessica Burton, Michael Wilding Jr., Christopher Edward Wilding, and Barbie Claus Disney Rockefeller.

Maria Burton Carson Deformed Hip:

It was discovered that Maria Burton Carson also had a hip defect when she was a baby. Later in life, she had 22 operations to correct the congenital abnormalities that had been present in her hips.

However, she became renowned because her parents were two of the most well-known entertainers of the day. Even though Elizabeth and Richard had numerous arguments with one another, they never stopped caring for their daughter, even while they were living apart.

Maria Burton Carson Career:

Maria Burton Carson is presently working in the fashion industry as a designer and is active in charitable giving. On the other hand, no information was given concerning her previous professional experience. However, Elizabeth Taylor was an actor in both the United Kingdom and the United States when it came to her mother’s work.

As a direct consequence, she started her acting career when she was only a child in the early 1940s. She was one of the most famous stars in the classic Hollywood films that were released in the 1950s.

She was the highest-paid movie star of the 1960s and held that title. This actress is regarded as having been among the most well-known ladies in the history of the globe. This actress is famous for her unshakable compassion, unyielding strength, and true independence from others. From the middle of the 1980s until her passing, she was most influential in her role as an activist.

In a similar vein to her father’s line of work, Richard Burton was an actor who worked in Wales. This artist was famous for their smooth baritone voice. His voice had a lilting quality. Additionally, throughout the 1950s, he established himself as a brilliant Shakespearean actor. This accomplishment occurred during the decade.

The next year, in 1964, he had an outstanding performance as Hamlet. Despite this, this actor is widely acknowledged as one of his most acclaimed actors. In addition, he has been nominated for an Academy Award a total of seven times, but he was never able to take home the trophy.

Maria Burton Carson  Relationship:

Maria Burton Carson’s divorce from Carson had been finalized several years before. She currently lives in Idaho and has quite unremarkable life there. As a direct consequence, she has been married not once but twice during her life. Her first spouse was Daniel Steve Carson, and her second husband was Tom McKeown. On February 13, 1981, they tied the knot in a small, intimate ceremony held in New York City.

Together, they are the parents of one child, Elizabeth Carson, born in 1982. In the year 2000, Steve made public accusations against her mother-in-law Tayor, saying that she was the cause of the discord in his family and was responsible for the couple’s divorce. After Maria secretly took Steve’s kid away from him in New York and took her to Elizabeth’s home in Los Angeles, Steve went so far as to file a lawsuit against Maria.

Maria Burton Carson  Net Worth:

Maria Burton Carson, on the other hand, has an indisputably high net worth. The exact quantity is yet unknown. She no longer works in the entertainment industry.

Her late mother, Elizabeth, on the other hand, had a staggering net worth of $600 million at the time of her death in 2011. In the early 1940s, she started her performing career as a child actor. She subsequently had a great career in several films and television series.

Who is the spouse of Maria Burton Carson?

Maria Burton Carson is presently 59 years old and is a divorced lady. Maria resides in Idaho and maintains a low profile. However, she was married to her ex-spouse Steve Carson for 19 years. His occupation is a talent manager.

They married in a private ceremony in New York City on February 13, 1981. Their only child, Elizabeth Carson, was born in 1982. They divorced in 2000 when Steve publicly chastised her mother-in-law Tayor for tearing his family apart via her influence.

During the lawsuit’s pendency, Steve requested joint custody of his daughter, citing his wife’s conduct as “destructive and irresponsible.” Then he accused his wife Maria, claiming that she had secretly relocated their four-year-old daughter Elizabeth Diane from their Manhattan home to her Los Angeles residence.

The next day, Carson learned that his ex-wife had withdrawn $7,000 from their joint bank account. Later, Taylor supported Maria and endured the brunt of the criticism.

Does Elizabeth Taylor marry eight times during her lifetime?

Yes, a famous 1950s actress married seven guys eight times. She reared three children and adopted one.

From May 6, 1950, until January 1, 1951, she married Conrad Hilton. She married actor Michael Wilding in 1952 after meeting him in 1978. 1957: They divorced. Christopher and Michael Jr.

Taylor married theatre and film producer Michael Todd on February 2, 1957. He crashed in 1958. They have a child. Her partner was Maggie Johnson.

She married Eddie Fisher in Las Vegas on May 12, 1959, after he died. Debbie Reynolds was Fisher’s ex-wife. Their five-year marriage ended on March 6, 1964.

After Eddie, she married Richard Burton twice. 1964-1974, 1975-1976. She was married to John Warner from December 1976 until November 1982.

She married Larry Fortensky from October 6, 1991, till October 6, 1996.

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