ICC World Cup: Excited Netherlands look to play the ‘ideal game’ against India | Cricket News

Facing the undefeated India in their final league match of the ICC World Cup on Sunday doesn’t faze the Netherlands at all, according to all-rounder Teja Nidamanuru. After coming through the qualifiers and securing victories against South Africa and Bangladesh in their eight matches, the Dutch team remains unfazed by the challenge ahead.
“I think to play arguably the best team in the competition at the top of the table is something that we’re very excited by and it’s another opportunity for us,” said Nidamanuru after the Dutch team lost to England on Wednesday.

“Every time we step on the park, we’re trying to showcase our skills and do the best that we can, especially being at the World Cup and coming through the journey that we’ve done.”

The Dutch securing two wins at a World Cup is a first, but Nidamanuru believes their performances have been inconsistent.
“We haven’t put together the ideal game yet, if I’m really honest.”

As a middle-order batter skilled in off-spin bowling, Nidamanuru mentioned that the scarcity of resources back home poses a challenge in competing at the highest level.
“And then you’re thrust onto the ICC World Cup scene, or the qualifiers, and then you’re facing quality bowlers who are bowling 135-plus kmph or turn the ball and bowl it long and effectively,” he said.

Even with a notable difference in resources at the World Cup, Nidamanuru expressed optimism that the Dutch team could make significant strides through increased exposure against top-tier teams. He pointed to Afghanistan as an example, highlighting how they secured just one win in the last two World Cups but managed to surprise three former champions in the current edition.
“We see this as a learning block, but we’re out there to compete,” he said. “No one comes to lose or to play badly.”

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