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Aya Asahina is a well-known Asian actress with a significant following. Tokyo Alice, Alice in Borderland, and Grand Blue are Aya’s most famous works.

In addition to her acting career, Aya Asahina is well-known as a model and television program presenter. She is also known as Kenjiro Yamashita’s famous wife. He is well-known in Japan as a dancer, actor, and radio host. Kenjiro is a former member of Gekidan Exile and a member of the J-Pop dance and singing duo Sandrine J Soul Brothers.

Aya Asahina Age:

She is 28 years old

Full NameAya Asahina
age28 years
Date of birth6 october 1993

Aya Asahina  Height, weight, and Physical status:

weight59 kg
Hair color 
Eye color 

Aya Asahina Biography:

Aya Asahina is a Japanese actress best known for her roles in Alice in Borderland (2020), Girl Gun Lady (2021), and Grand Blue (2020). (2020). Aya Asahina was born in Sumoto, Japan, on October 6, 1993. Aya Asahina will be 28 years old in 2022. More information on Aya Asahina may be found below. However, talking about her educational background, she studied at Sumoto Industrial High School.

Aya Asahina Career:

Aya Asahina’s series Alice in Borderland, which was only just made available on Netflix, has garnered praise from critics all over the world. On December 10, 2020, the series’ ten episodes will be made available on Netflix for streaming exclusively.

The manga series of the same name that was written and drawn by Haro Aso is the inspiration for the television program that focuses on science fiction. The main character is a high school kid hanging out with his buddies in town when suddenly, he is surrounded by gigantic fireworks—the narrative centres around him. After the cloud of smoke has cleared, he is left by himself. After that, he comes into contact with Usagi, a young lady with whom he is compelled to compete in a game of life and death.

Asahina portrays Hikari Kuina, a significant character in the anime. She performed with Kento Yamazaki, Tao Tsuchiya, Keita Machida, Dori Sakurada, and other Japanese actors.

After being released in 190 countries throughout the globe, “Alice in Borderland” gained a lot of traction among viewers quickly. Consequently, Netflix Japan confirmed the release of Season 2 on December 24, 2020.

Aya Asahina Personal Life:

Asahina joined the track and field club when she was in the third grade of elementary school and remained a member until she was in the third grade of high school. Following her graduation from Sumoto Industrial High School, she spent the next year and a half working in the obstetrics and gynaecology department of a nearby hospital as an assistant to the midwife.

She had a huge crush on Maki Goto, who was in Morning Musume when she was in kindergarten. In fact, she said in the essay that she was writing for her graduation that she hoped to one day be a part of the group.

After seeing the film adaptation of the manga about an average girl who rose through the ranks to become a top model, Paradise Kiss, she developed an interest in the modelling industry.

She has a lot of respect for the actress and model Keiko Kitagawa, and she gets along well with Harumi Sato, Airi Matsui, and Erika Matsumoto. Keiko Kitagawa is one of her role models.

Her favourite pastimes are riding, rock climbing, kickboxing, cooking, and watching movies (her favourite bike brand is Pinarello).

On July 26, 2021, she made the announcement that she was going to marry Kenjiro Yamashita, a member of Sandaime J SOUL BROTHERS.

Aya Asahina Net worth:

Aya Asahina is an accomplished Asian actress who has appeared in several films and has amassed considerable wealth. Her net worth is believed to be $500,000.

Aya Asahina Aya Asahina is Married to Kenjiro Yamashita

Aya Asahina’s followers have made her romantic life one of the primary subjects of conversation, and many are curious as to whether or not she now has a partner or has ever had any casual relationships in the past. The sad news for many of her male fans is that she is no longer available to date. But since she kept her personal life quiet, there were never any suspicions that she was having an affair with anybody.

Because she is so endearing, gorgeous, talented, and engaging, there is without a doubt a swarm of men in the world who would do everything to be able to call her their girlfriend. But there was only one guy who was successful in winning Aya’s love and affection. So, who exactly is he?

The actor Kenjiro Yamashita, who is most recognized for his performance in the film Road to High & Low, is our special guest today. In addition, Asahina and Yamashita tied the knot in a low-key ceremony in 2021 and became husband and wife. In July, the stunning actress posted a message on her Instagram that revealed her marriage to Yamashita. The announcement was made public.

Aya Asahina  Social media:

The actress keeps in touch with her devoted followers on both Instagram and Twitter. In addition, her Instagram account may be found under the handle asahina aya. In addition, as a result of her role in the Netflix drama Alice in Borderland, she has been able to amass 919 thousand followers on her social media accounts.

The model has posted a total of 1,091 photos and videos of her modelling job on her Instagram account. In addition, Aya joined Twitter in May 2014 with the handle @Asahina18A, and she now has 90,3k followers. In addition, the presenter of the TV show also has a channel on YouTube.

Asahina Aya as HikariKuina in Alice in Borderland

Within the context of the series Alice in Borderland, Asahina Aya plays the part of a Japanese girl whose name is Hikari Kuina. In addition, the drama was made available to the public for the very first time on December 10, 2020, and has been shown on Netflix ever since.

In addition to this, another character in the anime named ShuntaroChishiya is Hikari’s best buddy. In addition to that, Kuina assisted her pal in shuffling the deck of cards. At addition to that, she worked as a cashier in a clothes store.

In addition, the cashier had transitioned into a different gender, which caused her father to reject her. Hikari is not one of the main characters. Despite this, she has a large number of devoted followers.

When it comes to the show itself, Alice in Borderland is a science fiction drama that is produced in Japan. In addition to this, you may classify it as a suspense/thriller. In addition to that, it is a manga adaptation of a graphic book with the same name that was created by the manga artist HaroAso.

Q: when she start acting?

In August of 2017, she made her first appearance in a role. The next year, she received her diploma from Ray.

2019 was the year that she was given an exclusive modelling contract with the fashion magazine Oggi.

Aya Asahina Facts:

  • She was born in the Japanese city of Sumoto, in the Hyogo prefecture.
  • In August of 2017, she made her acting debut.
  • She is a one-of-a-kind model for the magazine “Ray.”
  • Kenjiro Yamashita, a Japanese dancer, actor, and radio personality, is Aya’s husband.
  • In 2019, she was named an exclusive model for the fashion magazine Oggi.
  • Bouldering, kickboxing, cooking, watching movies, and biking are some of her favourite pastimes.

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